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About IACETE Housing Co-operative Societies

The problem of housing shortage presented itself in a very acute form during World War II and the period following it. This problem was particularly felt in the big cities. Some provinces have used the co-operative agency for relieving the housing shortage. A housing cooperative is a legal mechanism for ownership of housing where residents either own shares (share capital co-op) reflecting their equity in the cooperative’s real estate, or have membership and occupancy rights in a not-for-profit cooperative (non-share capital co-op), and they underwrite their housing through paying subscriptions or rent.

1. What is a Housing Association?
A Housing Association is a not-for-profit organisation whose main purpose is to provide high quality, well managed sites to people who need them.

2. What are the Advantages of Co-Operative Housing Society?

  • The beneficiaries can make substantial saving in a cost though group action.
  • Architectural Planning can be done on a larger scale.
  • Building, Layout Materials can be obtained more cheaply when purchased in bulk
  • Facilitates more efficient, satisfactory community surroundings since the entire area is planed but with common amenities and thus the danger of neighbourhoods developing into slum areas is minimised

3. Who can become a member?
Membership is for all citizens of India. Professionals like teachers, Non-Teaching staff, software engineers, scientists, engineers, employees of IT, ITES, BPO companies and doctors. There is provision to accept other professionals and businessmen as associate members.

4. What is the Membership Fee?
Membership Fee is Rs 2000.

5. Is the Membership fee refundable?
Yes share fee is refundable, but the other initial registration fee is non-refundable. The refund is subject to the act and the Board Decisions.

6. Where will be the projects?
The potential places are around Devanhalli, Doddaballapur, Mysore, etc.

7. What will be the dimension of the sites ?
The dimension of sites shall be 30*40 ,30 *50 ,40*60, 50 *80 ,80*100.

8. Where can i get application?
You can get directly from the housing society office.

9. What is the registration number of society?
Housing society is registered under Karnataka co-operatives Act 1959(8) with registration <<>> dated <<>>

10. Is IACETE & KWF a private company?
No, IACETE & KWF is a Society established under Karnataka Co-operative Act 1959 (8).

11. How many sites per application?
Only one application per person and one site per application is given.

12. When is the project going to start?
We have many projects in on-going projects and upcoming projects. Details are available in the other section of the website.